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Mission Statement

Spirituality Week

Spirituality Week

Friday 23rd to Thursday 29th March

This is the culmination of our journey through Lent, when the children have opportunities to listen and reflect, pray, and respond in a variety of ways to the word of God. There will be a short assembly on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8.55am, focusing on an aspect of Holy Week. Our end of term Mass takes place on Wednesday 28th March at 9.30am at Our Lady of Sorrows. Families are invited to join us for the class assemblies and for Mass.

Friday 23rd March: assembly 8.55am led by Y5 (with small contribution from Shell and Starfish Classes)

Monday 26th March: assembly 8.55am led by Ocean and Marine Classes

Tuesday March 27th assembly 8.55am led by Seagull and Blake Classes

Wednesday March 28th: Mass OLOS 9.30am led by Year 6

Thursday March 29th: assembly 8.55am led by Beach and Craigweil Classes

Creative homework: Don’t forget to bring your family creative homework into school from Monday 19th March ready for Spirituality Week.