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Mission Statement

FAB Netball Tournament

On Saturday morning our netball team played at the FAB locality Tournament. We played in 7 tough A Team matches.  Although we didn’t rank in any of the places, Mrs Lockwood and Mrs Beaven are extremely proud of the team, they have improved significantly over the course of the year and any losses were small. The children play together well as a team and have a wonderful and supportive team spirit.  The team were also extremely proud to be wearing the new St Mary’s netball team kit; a big thank you to the FSA for their contribution to this, and to all who support their fundraising, it made such a big difference to our team to be able to wear a proper school kit and helped them to feel proud whilst representing the school. A big thank you to the whole netball team for their commitment over the year, and particular thanks to Jessie and Evie Kempson and Christopher Tymon for representing our school during both Year 5 and Year 6. We all had a great morning!