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Mission Statement

Parish Information

St Mary's is an active an important part of the Parish of Bognor Regis and the children attend mass both at the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows and at the school. We have regular visits with our Parish Priests.



First Holy Communion

A large number of our children make their First Holy Communion during KS2.  This is then followed by a special celebration at school. If you would like to find out more about the First Holy Communion programme, please contact the Parish Office at Our Lady of Sorrows Church on 01243 823619. 

Deanery Enrichment Day

During the academic year 2016/17, Yr 5 and Yr 6 children from each of our Deanery schools joined together for an Enrichment Day based on French. Sixth formers from St Philip Howard joined with the deputies and other staff from each school to plan and run the day. All children had a wonderful day, with activities ranging from French cafe conversation, making presentations about Paris landmarks, and playing French games. A "French style" lunch was provided for the children, which adults and children alike really enjoyed! 

Sports Festivals

During the academic year 2017/18, children in Yr 5 and Yr 6 will again enjoy their sports days at St Philip Howard during the course of the year. Year 6 classes from all three Deanery primary schools will also go to St Philip Howard for their annual Sports Day; a good opportunity to try other sports and to mix with some of the children they might be in classes with next year!

Activities in Lent

During this time of reflection our Parish priests visit the school to allow the older children to have an opportunity to take part in the sacrament of reconciliation. Last year we held a prayer group for parents and a weekly Lenten prayer group for children of all ages to come together in prayer.

Harvest Festival

The school will again come together for a wonderful Harvest Festival to celebrate this time of thanks and reflection. Last year, the families did an amazing job of donating food so that the school were able to distribute lots of food to Bognor Regis Food Bank and Glenlogie the local homeless shelter. We also held a raffle to raise funds for Cafod. Thank you to everyone.