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Mission Statement
School is now closed for the summer. The Autumn Term starts on Monday 3rd September which is an INSET day. Children return to school on Tuesday 4th September.

Structure & Organisation

Age Range: 4 – 11 years old

In each class the curriculum is matched to the child’s age, ability, needs and experience.

For the academic year 2017/18, the classes are as follows:

Wheatland Class             Year 5 and Year 6         Mrs. P Hogan-Hussein
Regis Class    Year 5 and Year 6   Miss. C G Breese
Hotham Class    Year 5 and Year 6   Mr. I Haskell
Craigweil Class    Year 3 and Year 4   Mrs. S Flaxbeard
Blake Class    Year 3 and Year 4   Mrs. N Morreale
Marine Class    Year 3 and Year 4   Mr. J Mortimore
Ocean Class    Year 1 and Year 2   Mrs. S Hartley
Beach Class    Year 1 and Year 2   Mrs. R Calderwood
Seagull Class    Year 1 and Year 2   Mr. C Eyres
Shell Class    Early Years   Miss. R Eyres  
Starfish Class    Early Years       Mrs. K Beaven and Miss. L Stevenson